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Long ago Ravik Lord of Sunlight, maddened by the loss of his mother Ravynia destroyed the city in which he had fathered and loved. In an act of horror of what he’d done Ravik vowed to recreate his beloved world once again with a heart forged in fire that would never die.

Lost in the ethos of oblivion, the land remained deformed and shrouded by fog, until one day Ravik returned and forged the Eternal flame! Wielding its heat and light he torched the earth with magnolia fire! As the land cindered, Arc towers made of Aureolin metal rose, transforming the deformed land into a citadel of sunlight. As if painted by the Eternal Flame’s radiance, the new city known as Runetech was born and illuminated as the city Ravik once remembered. From its beautiful glow dawned an age of fire.

As time began to pass the souls lost to the old world were reborn. Some sought warmth from the Eternal Flame's light, others harbored a deep malice towards Lord Ravik for the destruction of their old home. Those who harbored malice attacked the capital hoping to harm the Flame.  With little time to respond Lord Ravik realized that if the Eternal Flame were to fall so too would his new city.

Should I give up on my city because she’s frail, no I refuse to accept that ...I’ll wipe out whoever threatens my city…..O Eternal Flame, devour me, deform me into your likeness. So that none after me will ever threaten your Sunlight spoke the Lord.

Ravik casted his soul into the Eternal Flame thus, giving birth to the Sunkeepers! Warriors blessed with the crescent symbol of sunlight. The Sunkeepers created a barrier around the capital, shielding the flame! Sworn with the sacred duty of protecting Ravik’s realm, Rika, first born of the Sunkeepers led her own against those who wished to harm the flame! Rika then labeled those who harbored ill will toward the Eternal Flame as Branded.

Time passed and those labeled Branded by Rika were captured and sold into slavery. On the run from Sunkeepers a lone Branded awoke to a strange power.

This power spoke and called itself the Ash.


To my forlorn brother,

Can you hear my voice, it is me Rika.

You may not remember me or the time we spent together, but I am your sister.

I feel hollow knowing that I will not be there when you finally awake.

Born from the flames of this world’s inception lies a sacred duty I must follow.

Once upon a time, our father entrusted this land for us to watch over.

Due to my selfishness you are no longer here with me.

When you hear this message, my own existence will be irrelevant to who and what you are now.

Even so, please know that this world known as Runetech defines your existence.

I myself do not fully believe in this bizarre and convoluted world that father left us to tend to.

Despite that, I know deep down you hear it too – beneath the earth, blowing, that warm whisper…

I cannot help but relinquish myself to its call and see the beauty of Runetech.

Day after day I see myself trapped within the image father once saw as sublime.

If it were not for the glow of our magnificent Grandmother, than perhaps I would have already given up carrying out his legacy.

Brother, do not think that I am asking or trying to persuade you into finding the same sense of love for this world as I do.

Especially since Runetech is new to you.

With eyes unburdened by the past, how do you see yourself beneath the sun?

Do you simply praise it for its light, or do you see something ugly within its radiance as I do?

Looking back, I always felt that its radiance was partly responsible for leading Runetech into madness.

For you to not have any memory of me or this world is perhaps the greatest gift.

With no sense of origin shined upon you, you can be the Sunkeeper this land needs.

I am no longer qualified; the children of this land vanished under my watch.

I must devote myself to finding out where they are and save them!

Once again, I wish I can be there with you right now.

Until that day comes,

May the flames guide thee, brother.

~ from Rika

Dear Grandmother,

I do not know how long I have before my fire fades.

Soon I will have to leave my son behind.

He like many of the children of this landing are dealing with a crisis.

Slowly they have begun to disappear.

None of our people know why.

Ever since the blight struck our world, fear took us – turning families and friends against one another.

These petty conflicts made us blind to the true danger.

We neglected them as parents and now the children of this land have almost vanished.

As a father, I fear not my passing, but the world my son must face alone without the temper or vigilance gained through time.

He has not approached me since the day I put down his mother.

She was turning and I had to protect our son. 

For days he has not been able to sleep.

When it is time for me to fade into the sun as well, I pray in all humbleness that you do not ease my journey.

Instead watch over our son.

Protect him and be his guiding light.

Do not allow him to be taken like the other children.

Do not allow him to become infected by the blight like his mother.

And not allow him to remain alone for too long.

Tian...he is more than just my son.

He… is my immortal flame.

I remember everything about the day I was born. When you awoke I felt the scars… said Solabot, gazing at the clouds below in solitude within the metallic flesh of his ship


,the KOZ-MOS.

Dear Grandmother,

"It wasn’t until after you fell asleep I noticed how long it had been since I ate. Perhaps the memory of what I thought was your warm touch made me forget my hunger. As my bones began to collapse, your cold embers remained lit across the stars. Finally! I could fall asleep by your side. My flesh was the first to be discarded, my bones had long relinquished it to be closer to you. When my eyes finally closed, I had hoped you were on the other side to greet me.

Grandmother, if you are not here than where is he… our god?

Lord Ravik.

A god I once lived for in your name. Day after day you championed his gospel and made me believe in him. As time moved forward, I wondered if your belief in Ravik was sincere or programmed into you. Either way I grew sick of your devotion to him. Not once have I or my brethren received such devotion from you. "

Beaten and broken bones ravaged the empty space of the cosmos, containing only fragments of the planet Solabot once called home. As he continued to float aimlessly, a cold whisper caressed his bones – followed by a flake of white ash.

Wrapping itself through his body,

it molded his bone into flesh, made from the remnants of his old world.

His consciousness still fading in & out, memories of Grandmother's warm embrace cuddling his soft infantile skin resurfaced.

As the light from this distant memory orbiting around him faded, a familiar voice spoke from the void.

Its whisp was cold yet intimate

Rejoice grandchild, the ash is your family now